Adorable Spring Clothes

Sure, there’s a winter storm happening out my window right now, but with the 15 degree weather we experienced just the other day, I got a taste of spring. And, with our trip to Jamaica around the corner, some spring outfit shopping is in order. Here are some adorable little girl’s clothes, found around the web.


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Four Unique Gift Ideas for a New Mom

One – A Locket

Last Christmas, I got my mom this locket and customized it to add a picture of my two children inside. It turned out beautifully and would make a great gift for any special mama in your life.

The artist has many other incredible designs on her Etsy site. One day I think I’ll invest in one for myself!



Two – A Print for the Nursery

If you aren’t going to throw off the design of the new mom’s nursery by giving her artwork, a sweet print might be the perfect gift. One of the nicest gifts we received when Reid was born was a set of prints my sister designed especially for Reid.

Here are a few of my favorite prints from Etsy that I actually purchased for my own children’s rooms:

Three Prints

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Three – A Journal

My friend, Alison, got me this book when Ramona was born and I thought it was such a unique gift. If you have a friend who journals or enjoys writing, this keepsake journal would make a wonderful gift.

Prudent Advice.jpg


Four – A Keepsake Ornament

My Aunt is an incredibly talented glass artist and makes these angel ornaments. We have one for Reid and one for Ramona. They are so sweet and such a wonderful keepsake which can be displayed at Christmas or beyond.

Angel Ornament


What is your favorite gift to give a new mom? 

C-Sections, Babies and Bacteria

The other day, I listened to a fascinating podcast with Dr. Robynne Chutkan about our microbiome.

Dr. Chutkan describes the microbiome as, “all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in or on your body”.

She says “our unique microbial footprint develops over [our] lifetime, and it reflects everything about [us]”, including our health history and lifestyle. A healthy microbiome means a decreased risk for disease, obesity, mental illness and other illnesses.

What tweaked my interest during the interview, however, was the discussion about c-sections. Studies have found that babies born by c-section have a different make-up of gut bacteria. This is because during the baby’s trip through the birth canal, they are exposed to all sorts of bacteria. C-section babies, of course, miss those bacteria, so their microbiomes are different than that of a baby born vaginally.

Reid baby 2

I had two c-sections. My first c-section was medically necessary. When I became pregnant with my second child, I was given a choice for the birth. I opted for a second c-section because I knew what a c-section felt like but I didn’t know what giving birth would feel like. And, frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

Knowing what I know now, however, I might have made a different choice.


It’s not all bad for women who need c-sections, though. There are some “low-tech” solutions to help the baby get that important bacteria. And I take solace in the fact that much of ones microbiome is changed by diet, which I think our family does fairly well at.

If you have some time, I recommend you give the podcast a listen. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!




Gift Ideas for Your Science Loving Kid

Christmas becomes a month long negotiation in my household.

See, my husband and I grew up with different holiday experiences.

Mine was, shall we say, more modest. We had a stocking, which contained a few things- some socks, some candy and maybe a book. My husband grew up with a stocking too. But the stocking was just used for show because Santa delivered way too much stuff to fit in one little stocking.

My husband wasn’t spoiled growing up, but Christmas was always a big deal with lots and lots of gifts.

I don’t want, or have room for, all the stuff. My kids have so much already and, let’s be honest, between daycare and weekend outings, they aren’t home all that much to even play with it all.

Because of our different holiday experiences, we struggle to decide on what to get the kids for Christmas and how much is too much.

I prefer to get my five-year old activities instead of toys. My son is particularly interested in science and experiments so I thought for this Christmas, some science related gifts may be in order. My husband? Well, he has some other ideas… Regardless, here are four gift ideas for your science loving kid:

PicMonkey Collage

Intro to Engineering Kit – “Intro to Engineering welcomes young children to the field of engineering with 25 experiments and building project”

The Curious Kid’s Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-On Activities for Ages 4-8 – “In The Curious Kid’s Science Book, your child will learn to design his or her own science investigations to determine the answers!”

LEGO Chain Reactions: Make Amazing Moving Machines – “To turn bricks from kids’ own LEGO collection into ball-moving machines, all they need isLEGO Chain Reactions”

SmartLab That’s Gross Science Lab – “Not only are the experiments amusing, but kids can learn more about the related scientific principals in the provided experiment journal”

How do you approach Christmas in your household? Do you have different gift-giving expectations?

What are your favourite children’s books?

You guys, there are so many bad children’s books out there. Like, really bad. And, unfortunately, the ones my son gravitates to are the worst of the worst. But, since we frequent the library quite often to pick up new books, I recently asked a few of my friends: What books do you love to read with your children? Here are some of their answers:

Book Post

Franklin books by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark. “They go over like a nice warm blanket to my kids and they always, always come away drowsy.”

Andrew’s Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch. “I like how the tooth fairy shows up on a motorcycle, is not your typical fairy, and it’s the perfect length for bedtime.”

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. “It’s a simple story that evokes positive feelings about winter and excitement for snow. It gives enough detail to keep the story interesting but not too much that you can’t use your own imagination too.”

On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman. “The artwork is beautiful and sometimes breathtaking, and the way she composes her books is soothing and always lovely.”

The Bear books by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. “They are lovely to read out loud with such an enjoyable rhythm and just nice heartwarming little stories about being kind and helpful.”

My personal favorite is This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers. It is such a creative book, both in its dialogue and artwork. I never tire of it.

I am also curious to check out The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep. I’ve heard it actually works!

Do you have a favourite book to read with your children? Please let me know in the comments! Happy reading.

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