So long… For Now

I’ve kept this blog for 7 months as part of a program I’ve been taking through McMaster University. I have really enjoyed blogging  but, as my class comes to an end, so too does this blog. I’ll be taking another class in the summer and, with work, school, and home life, I don’t think I can commit to regular posts, at least not any worth reading.

Who knows, though? Maybe after a month or two, I’ll feel like chatting again.

For now, I am going to focus on crossing a few more things off my 40 before 40 list and I’m also feeling the urge to sign up for another half marathon… We’ll see!

I truly, truly appreciate you following along and reading this little blog of mine. Your comments made this project feel like fun, instead  of just work.

Until we meet again here, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram if you feel so inclined!

XO Claire



7 thoughts on “So long… For Now

  1. I too am going to miss reading your blog but totally understand why it has to end. Thank you so much for sharing so many aspects of your life with us. We wish you the very best always.

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