Easter Weekend Trip

How was everyone’s Easter weekend?

We crossed the border and headed to Rochester, New York for the long weekend. Even though it’s not exactly a stress-free experience travelling with two small children, we had a great time.

We headed there with the purpose of visiting The Strong National Museum of Play.

Museum of Play


I can’t say enough good things about the museum; it’s honestly the most amazing place for small children. There are so many different sections and different places for kids to play and imagine in. Neither Reid or Ramona wanted to leave when it was time.

image1 (4).JPGOf course, we couldn’t take a trip to Rochester without also visiting Dinosaur BBQ and eating way too much food.

Dinosaur BBQ.jpg


Unfortunately, after a day at the museum, the kids were pretty maxed out by the time we got to the restaurant which meant that, though the food was amazing, the company left a lot to be desired.

Truthfully, I had been feeling like my life was “all work and no play”, between work, school and my homelife, so this weekend was really rejuvenating for me. On one of my friend’s Instagram photos, she was wearing a sweatshirt that said: “When in doubt, vacation”. I agree. Does the trick every time.

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