Favourite Thing: The Swim Skirt!

I have been rocking the swim skirt since 2005, long before I had my two babies and my body started to look a little… different. My friends have always teased me about my modest swimwear but truth be told, I just don’t like wearing bikinis. I know I’m supposed to be proud of my body and everything it’s done and given me, and I am, but my love of the swim skirt isn’t about self body-shaming. I love the swim skirt because it’s comfortable and flattering on my body, much more than any other swim suit style.


With my trip to Jamaica coming up, I want to buy a couple more swim pieces and these pieces are my favourites I’ve found:

Swim Suits1 / 2 / 3

I love number 3. I’ll definitely be purchasing a rash guard for my trip because I worry about skin cancer. With built in SPF 50, I love the idea of having an extra level of protection from the sun.

Do you have a favourite swim suit style?


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