What Do You Outsource?

A couple of months ago, I got a cleaner. I did this for a few different reasons:

(1) We are two working parents with two active children. I wanted needed something on our plate to go.

(2) Life was feeling so mundane: Work. Make dinner. Sleep. Repeat. Spend weekend getting groceries and running errands. I wanted to free up some time for some “fun” somewhere along the way.

(3) Cleaning did not qualify as fun.



But, honestly, for the past few months I’ve just felt so guilty about paying somebody to do something I’m fully capable of doing.

I worry I’m wasting money. I worry I’m being lazy. I worry that I could do a better job anyways.

I’m thinking of cancelling the service just so I can stop feeling so damn guilty.

So, my question is: As a family, is there anything you outsource?

I’m thinking I’d feel less guilty about the money if I outsourced something I hate and am terrible at, like gardening…







9 thoughts on “What Do You Outsource?

  1. Nooooooo, please do not cancel the service. Maybe switch to a better cleaner? Imagine spending your precious weekend on cleaning instead of playing with the kids, running, or simply relaxing (if you can). My mantra for outsourcing is money well spent:).


  2. You deserve it Claire! You are putting your priorities on spending quality time with your family and adding more joy to your life. That in itself is worth it!


  3. Don’t feel guilty for hiring a maid. That is just what society has engrained you to feel as a woman. Women are taught that they are responsible for the “second shift” around the home but I say that’s bullshit. Don’t let that feeling win!

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