The Day I Become a Mother

Six years ago today, I became a mother.


A trip down memory lane reminds me how nervous I was for my c-section surgery. I was about to embark on this parenting journey and I was petrified I wouldn’t be any good at the job.

I recall laying in the operating room, listening to the doctors mundanely talk to each other about their weekend plans and thinking how crazy it was that this single event was changing the trajectory of my life and yet it was just another day for the team conducting the surgery.

I remember asking my doctor, “Are we going to start soon?” and my doctor saying in disbelief, “Claire! We are almost done!”. And, with that, I heard a cry and the doctor announced, “It’s a boy!”.

I have a boy.

After a quick evaluation, a tiny, swaddled baby was placed on my chest. I looked at him, introduced myself and started to cry. He was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I named him Reid.

It’s hard to believe that this tiny baby is now my six-year old boy. Time passes so quickly, I just don’t even know what to make of it. Some days, motherhood is challenging. Others, I’m so full of love, I feel I could burst.

Reid, you forever changed my life. You made me a mother- your mother. I am so grateful.


Photos by the amazing Carson & Holm Photography


6 thoughts on “The Day I Become a Mother

  1. Happy birthday Reid! How can he possibly be six!? He’s so lucky to you as his mama! On a side note: before having my baby, I thought my birthday was all about me. It turns out, a birthday is just as much about mom as it is about baby! So, happy birth day Claire! XOXO


  2. This reminds me of birthday letter I once got; it said that birthdays should celebrate the mother as much as the child! This post reminded me of that! PS, your son is A-freaking-DORABLE!!


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