Our Christmas Traditions

Growing up, my hobbies included visiting show homes with my Mom, reading home decorating magazines, and watching A LOT of Trading Spaces on TLC.

I assumed, then, that when I grew up (still debatable), my home would look like those I had seen in the magazines, modern and full of coordinated furnishings and colour schemes. This would extend to the holiday season, of course, where my Christmas tree would be beautifully adorned with themed and coordinated ornaments. In other words, in my mind, my living room would look like this:

bhg Christmas Tree


When I married my husband, however, we inherited a large sum of Christmas decorations that were not meant for designer consumption. Examples:

Christmas Decorations.jpg

At first I was perturbed since I doubted that Sarah Richardson had a South Park character hanging on her Christmas tree, but then I decided to just embrace my husband’s family tradition of the wacky tree and go forth. Every year now, we exchange a decidedly un-Martha Stewart ornament in our stockings and now our children are included in this tradition. We have a variety of super heros, Star Wars characters and Muppets hanging on our tree, plus some ornaments we’ve collected in our travels. It’s become our little family tradition.

Christmas Tree


Last year, we didn’t have any family visit at Christmas and I decided that we should start forging some more holiday traditions. That way, if my kids didn’t remember Christmases with a lot of family and friends around, at least they would remember their Christmases as filled with strong traditions. So, we decided on a few things we’ll do every Christmas Eve and they are:

  • Give the kids a new book and pyjamas the night before Christmas
  • Make homemade pizza
  • Watch A Muppet Family Christmas

I guess the cool thing about having your own family is that you can decide how you want to make your memories. We decided to combine some from our childhood with some new ones for our little foursome, even if it means I have a South Park character hanging on my tree.

What are your holiday traditions? Do you eat or drink anything special? I’d love to hear!




12 thoughts on “Our Christmas Traditions

  1. Lady, your tree looks gorgeous – and I have to say it looks a lot better than the miniature cyprus houseplant masquerading as a christmas tree we’ve got going on over here. I love the idea of starting new traditions, and I think it is essential when one does not live anywhere near family.


  2. Our tree was always eclectic. Some homemade ornaments, some craft sale, some antique. It was never a curated tree. Makes for the best one. We always had a Charlie Brown tree too. Now it’s a fake tree but same ornaments.

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  3. Your tree looks so much better than the magazine picture(and full of great memories)! We do the same tradition of exchanging ornaments every year as well we pick up ornaments when we travel. Half the fun of putting up the tree is remembering where and from who you received the ornament.


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