Closet Desk Project

Recently, my parents came to Oakville to visit. That means it’s that time of the year when I order copious amounts of Ikea furniture in the hopes my Dad will put it all together for me. My Dad is a perfectionist so I prefer his handiwork to my husband’s (sorry, Paul).

Nothing like “vacation”

Over the past year and a half that we have owned our 1960s home, we have done a lot of work to it, including undertaking some large renovations, but my son’s room has remained untouched. At age 5, he had outgrown the “kiddie” furniture still in his room and it was time to reorganize the space to improve its functionality.

Back in February my Dad had helped me turn our guest room closet into an office nook, and I knew a closet desk would work just as well in my son’s room. His closet was becoming a dumping ground for miscellaneous items, so turning it into a desk area makes much better use of the space.

Our guest room closet turned office nook

I wish I had some “before” pictures of my son’s room but I can tell you his room is 100% more functional after turning his closet into a desk area and adding more storage along the wall.

Closet Desk



I’m so pleased with the result.

Thanks to my parents for all the planning, building, reorganizing and errand running they did while on their “vacation”. You brought my vision to life and I am so thankful!

Now if only I could solve the storage problems in my own room…

P.S. Here was my inspiration for doing a closet desk in the first place!



5 thoughts on “Closet Desk Project

  1. Your mom helped when I ran out of patience. The trouble with Ikea is that once you get the hang of it, the project is finished and not likely to be repeated or at least the same group. I think the black and white looks great together.


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