What do you do with your kid’s art?

If you have a child in daycare or school, or you are just one of those super awesome Martha Stewart-type moms that does cool art projects with your kids all the time, you may have amassed a large amount of children’s artwork by now.

I toss most of Reid and Ramona’s art. I can’t stand clutter and, though it feels wrong to liken my beautiful children’s creative projects to “added clutter”, I don’t know where to put it all without making our small house feel even smaller.

I’ve resorted to editing voraciously. I have a small bin and, if it’s something I want to keep, I’ll slip it into the bin. But even my bin feels like a looming project. Like, am I just going to keep these pieces of paper in there forever?

ArtkiveI came across this article the other day that suggested using an app called Artkive to help with this problem. I think this is such a great idea. Sometimes snapping a picture of your children’s art is not going to replace the real thing, but it does serve of the purpose of saving the picture and having a visual of how your child has progressed.

Have you tried Artkive? What do you do with your kid’s art?

Photo via iTunes Store


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