How did you choose your child’s name?

I’m always fascinated by people’s name choices for their children.

Some of my friend’s choices have been traditional. Others unusual. Some have come with a story. Others were a negotiation. Some have shocked me. Others had long been decided. But all names, of course, have suited the child in the end.

My children’s names are Reid and Ramona.

Choosing my son’s name was easy. After watching season five of the Bachelorette, I fell in love with the name Reid and my husband agreed to it. Of course, I didn’t mention I got the name idea from The Bachelorette, otherwise Reid would certainly not be Reid today.

My daughter’s name was a much longer negotiation.

I have always loved the name Ramona. My favourite childhood book was Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and I had always envisioned my daughter would be just like that Ramona- slightly dishevelled, always curious and forever adventurous. But, I suppose the name Ramona is somewhat polarizing- either you like it or you don’t- and my husband was a “don’t”. I can always tell the other “don’ts” when they ask me if Ramona is a family name, with a quizzical look in their eyes…

So, my husband and I made an agreement. If the baby came out with a full head of hair, she would be Ramona. And if she didn’t, she would be Paige. And, sure enough, she was a perfect little Ramona, with her full head of hair. She actually looks so much like the book cover that I know it was always meant to be. P.S. My husband came around to love the name (obviously).

Choosing a name is hard! There is so much pressure to “get it right” and, though there are so many possibilities to choose from, it suddenly feels like there’s no good options when the pressure is on. I like this article that goes through what expecting parents need to consider before make this seemingly monumental decision. So true.

Does your child’s name have a story? How did you choose?


Photos taken by my sister-in-law and her photography partner, located in the Calgary area.


12 thoughts on “How did you choose your child’s name?

  1. That post made me smile. My daughters name is Everly Lane. A long time ago I read an autobiography where the author named his son Everly. I liked it much better as a girl name so I’ve had it on my list of many, since long before she was conceived. My husband chose Lane as the middle name after me, as its my middle name too. I just had to comment because I’ve always loved thinking of names!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I love your daughter’s name! I have actually always loved the name Lane, but had to discount it because it was too similar to my last name!


  2. Tim and I couldn’t agree with names when we were expecting. I wanted a unisex name and Tim were more into old fashioned boy names. Then my supervior sent me a link about baby names. I found Kai. I loved the simple sound (good for my family back in Korea), and the meanings (ocean, earth, fire). Also it is a unisex name depending on which cultures you are talking about. Tim liked it but he insisted the boy version of Kai. That’s how we have Kye.


  3. Hi Claire! I remember you well from NRI, but you likely don’t remember me given the job that you had there, too many of us to keep track of! 🙂 My daughter’s name is Tiah. I got her name from a Disney movie that i loved as a kid, Escape to Witch Mountain. the twins were Tia and Tony. I thought it was such a pretty name that it stuck with me for over 25 more years until i was pregnant with her. My son is older his name is Michael, i just always loved the name, and my husband wouldn’t entertain my more ‘original’ choices. Michael was one we agreed on.


  4. I loved hearing about how you chose Ramona’s name Claire. For the record, I think it’s a fantastic name – strong, unique and pretty!

    I lobbied hard for Evie to be called Evie. Darren wanted to call her Abby – a good option also, but I really liked the originality of Evie. Plus, it made me feel like a bit of a rebel (well as much as a rebel as an HR Leader who works for a bank can be), since I first fell in love with the name from V for Vendetta. And Evie’s middle name is the same as mine – St. Clair – which was my great grandfather’s name. Tradition with a twist!


  5. I love the story of your daughter’s name! For our son Hunter James, I wanted James after my late father, and my husband suggested Hunter after his favorite author. I thought it was a great name, so that was easy. As for my daughter Paloma Belle, I think I suggested it after Paloma Picasso, but I can’t remember. All I remember is that we both loved it, but we could not think of a middle name. Then, I suggested Belle after my husband’s sister Spring Belle, and he loved it!


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