Do You Have a Bucket List?

A recipe blog I read posted a 30 before 30 list. I thought that was cool idea so I decided to write my own. Sadly, I’ve already passed that age 30 mark, so I wrote a 40 before 40 list instead. That’s a lot of things- and not a lot of time- so I’ll have to work quickly (and maybe win the lottery, based on how many trips I want to take). Do you have a bucket list? Tell me- what’s on yours? 

My 40 before 40 list (in no particular order):

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  2. Make an apple pie from scratch.
  3. Go to New York with my Mom.
  4. Go hiking in Utah.
  5. Take Reid and Ramona camping.
  6. Go to the beach in Montauk, New York.
  7. Rent a condo in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
  8. Make homemade gnocchi.
  9. Go on a family ski trip with Reid and Ramona.
  10. Take Reid and Ramona to Disneyland or Disney World.
  11. Take swimming lessons to improve my stroke.
  12. Participate in a triathlon.
  13. Go to Europe with the family.
  14. Finish my PR certificate.
  15. Take an art class.
  16. Take a cooking class.
  17. Learn to use the BBQ.
  18. Run in the Big Sur, California half marathon.
  19. Try canning jam or pickles.
  20. Cook every single recipe in one of my cookbooks (probably my Oh She Glows cookbook).
  21. Host a turkey dinner.
  22. Buy an original oil painting.
  23. Rent a cottage in the Muskokas.
  24. Go mountain biking in California.
  25. Have a professional decorator or designer decorate one room in the house (extra points if that designer is Sarah Richardson).
  26. Take a girl’s trip with my high school best friends.
  27. Bake a three-tiered cake that looks and tastes good.
  28. Do a DIY project in the house.
  29. Go on a trip with just Paul.
  30. Go to Kauai.
  31. Take french lessons.
  32. Learn to do a yoga headstand.
  33. Go to New Orleans.
  34. Complete the Whole30 program.
  35. Complete the Around the Bay 30K Road Race.
  36. Go apple picking.
  37. Host a games night.
  38. Start a book club.
  39. Rent a yurt in Algonquin Park.
  40. Take Reid on a City Sightseeing Bus Tour of Toronto.

Phew. It’s going to be busy. Have you been to any of the places I want to go to? I’ve been dying to go to Utah and Arizona to hike and bike for as long as I can remember.

(Photo in header via On Montauk)


8 thoughts on “Do You Have a Bucket List?

  1. When are we leaving for New York? Hah. Sounds perfect.

    A bike trip with the kids in the Netherlands might be fun. You could tour town to town and maybe rent a bucket bike.


  2. I would like to participate in numbers 9, 15, 20, 24, 26, 30, 32, and 38 please, especially 26 and 32. And I think you should do numbers 11 and 12 in order!


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