The Mom I Want to Dress Like and the Mom I Actually Dress Like

Something happened to me last year. I started to get lazy.

It started innocently. When my daughter was a newborn, I ended up wearing workout gear at all hours of the day.

In my defence, it seemed practical. See, I knew I would go for a run later that day and, really, why change my clothes twice? Or take two showers in one day for that matter?

When I came to the realization I needed a yoga pant-intervention, I decided that the best approach would be to come up with a “uniform” for my maternity leave. This uniform would consist of a white t-shirt, jeans, and some kind of scarf and accessory. Practical, casual, yet still pulled together. And, since I’d be wearing almost the same thing everyday, I wouldn’t have to think too hard about what I was going to wear. Slowly but surely, however, I got lazy with the accessorizing, and ended up just wearing jeans and a white t-shirt everyday, which inevitably had stains on it because children touch dirty things and then touch you.

If it seems like I’m thinking too hard about my clothes, it’s probably because I am. But when I feel like I don’t look pulled together, I don’t feel pulled together- it’s as simple as that. “Dress for the life you want”, they say. I get it. It’s an energy shift.

So, with that, I pledge to up the ante on my casual wear for fall and here are five items I hope to pick up for my closet.


Cable-Knit Boatneck Pullover / Wool Back-Zip Sweater

Tartan Plaid Scarf / Black Jeans / Plaid Shirtdress

Header Image via Marie Claire UK


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