The Best Vacation You’ve Taken With Your Kids

Lately I’ve been dreaming of a vacation. The kind with white sand and sun. While we won’t be going on a vacation for a little while yet, I was wondering: What’s the best vacation you’ve taken with your kids?

Rightly or wrongly, my husband and I have changed the way we travel since having kids. The idea of a super long flight or a huge time change is no longer very appealing. Staying in nice hotels and eating out at every at meal has been replaced with VRBOs and home-made meals in our vacation rental. Nonetheless, it’s important to me that we continue to travel and explore new places with our kids. In fact, when we moved to Ontario, my husband and I made a pact that we wouldn’t just use all our vacation time to visit California or Alberta year after year, where our parents live (sorry, parents!). With that, these are my favourite vacations we’ve taken with our kid(s):

1. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is really this pretty.

Of course Maui had to be on there. Maui truly has the ability to be all things to all people. Want to sit on the beach all day? You can do that! Want to go hiking? You can do that too! We spent our mornings at the beach and our afternoons exploring. We were early to bed, early to rise and fell in love with the ease of the island. We stayed in Kihei at this VRBO but next time I’d stay somewhere more centrally located than Kihei. Kauai is on my bucket list and the next Hawaiian island I’d like to visit.

2. Big Sky, Montana

Yellowstone. You can see all the people lined up to watch the geyser.

Montana has such a diverse landscape with the quirkiest little towns. We absolutely loved our time there and dream of going back, especially since my House Hunters addiction has me watching Living Big Sky now. We were there in the summer but did lots of hiking, visited Yellowstone (which was basically like one giant traffic jam) and spent some time in two of the cutest towns: Bozeman and Missoula. I love the relaxed feel of vacations spent outdoors.

3. Sandpoint, Idaho

It was pretty. But it was cold.

Sandpoint is such a gem. It’s like a less busy Kelowna, but greener. There are beautiful lakes, beautiful mountains and the town itself has the cutest downtown. We spent our days swimming in Lake Pend Oreille and we brought our bikes and bike chariot so that we were able to bike all around town. We had such a great time and felt like we stumbled into the world’s greatest vacation spot (though, based on the number of vacation homes in the area, it’s clear we weren’t the only ones to figure out how great Sandpoint is).

So, what’s your favorite vacation spot? Help me plan my next vacation!


12 thoughts on “The Best Vacation You’ve Taken With Your Kids

  1. Vancouver Island! Hilarious to see prairie kids navigating crabs and kelp and giant slugs. They loved it so much, and we did too. Idaho is on my list, though!


  2. You have had some wonderful trips! One day you will have to try a cruise that caters to families. You unpack once, have great meals every day, enjoy many activities onboard and see new places. The trick will be to get a cabin for four.


  3. I know what Kye has to say… Legoland Billund, Denmark!
    To me, Sydney is one of the bests. Beautiful beaches with rock pools (minus sharks), ice-cream shops with 30+ different flavours everywhere, convenient Sydney trains, a lot of playgrounds with giant shades etc.

    I would love to visit Paris with Kye. I have heard that many lesser-known spots in Paris are kid- friendly.


  4. Claire, I love to see you blogging! Dave and I are determined to travel with Sam, too, but agree with our old travel ways don’t quite suit babies! So far we have been to Radium and Palm Springs (currently!) with Sam – relaxing for us and great for kids! Can’t wait to try some of your recommendations!


  5. Maui is probably our favourite vacation, but we did that pre-Luca. I’m not sure how well we’d like it with him considering the driving and the time change in the wrong direction.


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